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Navel piercing : informations

Ezor offers piercing jewellery in 18 carat yellow and white gold. The carat is the unit of measure of purity of precious metals. Pure gold (24 carats) cannot be utilised in the manufacture of jewellery as it is too soft. In order to harden it, other metals are added. 18 carat gold contains 75% pure gold.

The symbols for these navel pieces can be adorned with zircons, synthetic stone imitation of a diamond.

Ezor offers navel piercings with authentic saltwater pearls, white and black.

All are piercings can be manufactured upon request with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. For a navel piercing with a diamond for example, we can send you a quote within 5-7 days. Navel piercings all come with a curved barbell with a girth of 1.6mm and a screw-on ball.

For pendant and non-pendant piercings, we suggest opting for a 5mm ball for closing (standard size). Although 4mm is also possible.

For these gold navel piercings, you can choose the length of the barbell. We offer 6mm, 8mm, 10mm (standard). Remember to ask you piercer what size is most suited for you. Otherwise, measure the ideal length of a barbell for your navel using our size guide.

Non pendant navel piercing : the symbol is set (unarticulated) - we offer heart shaped zircons in different sizes, circles and flowers.

Pendant navel piercing : here, the symbol is articulated, dangles, and comes with claw- set zircons.

Inverted navel piercing in gold : the barbell and ball of this piece are not visible. The barbell is inserted from the top down, in contrast to other navel pieces which are inserted from the bottom up. These pieces come in size 8mm as they must be adjusted as closely as possible in order not to “pivot”. It is possible, upon request, to design them in 6mm.

Ring piercing with ball : available on Ezor’s website in 1.6mm girth and with a clippable ball, with or without zircons. Tongs can come to handy when inserting these rings. The rings can be ordered in 8 or 10mm inside diameter. It is also possible to order made-to- measure navel piercings with a diamond instead of a zircon.

Ring piercing without ball : Also 1.6mm diameter, with 8 or 10mm internal diameter of the ring. These rings may require tongs for application. Be careful not to scratch the jewellery when using tongs. Ask for a professional piercer’s help or protect the piece with a soft piece of fabric.

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