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Eyebrow piercing : how to measure and find the right size for your piercing?


Here is a sizing guide to better understand the proper body jewelry gauge sizes and measurements.

NOTE : This piercing sizing chart is a general suggestion based on our experience and knowledge in body piercing, though it is important to note that piercing jewel length or piercing type options can vary depending on your morphology or the way your piercing has been done.


1 - General informations

2 - What size is a eyebrow piercing?

3 - How to measure your eyebrow piercing?



General informations


The eyebrow piercing generally consist of a curved barbell and two balls or jewels that unscrew on both ends (yellow gold eyebrow piercing, gold snake eyebrow piercing for example...)

Less common, it is possible to wear a ring or a horseshoe ring piercing at your eyebrow.

 eyebrow-white-gold-piercing-zircon     eyebrow-piercing-18-carats-gold-girl     18-carats-yellow-gold-eyebrow-piercing-arrow


What size is a eyebrow piercing?


There is two main barbell gauge sizes for eyebrow piercing : 1,2mm(16G) and 1,6mm(14G) (barbell diameter).

1,2mm(16G) is the standard and most common eyebrow piercing gauge size. It's also the size that is generally used as first piercing jewel during healing.

1,2mm(16G) give you many options of jewels for your eyebrow piercing, from the smallest and discreet to something more sophisticated (eyebrow diamond piercing or gold eyebrow piercing with pendant for example)

For an elegant gold eyebrow piercing, 1,2mm(16G) is the perfect size.

Some people (often men) like to wear a thicker and bigger eyebrow piercing, it is more approriate to get a jewel with a 1,6mm(14G) gauge in this case.


How to measure your eyebrow piercing?


It is important to have a eyebrow piercing jewel at the perfect length.

A barbell that is too short can compress the skin and be painful when a barbell that is too long may bump or get caught in clothes and may reduce the skin space between both piercing holes.

To find the size of your curved barbell you need to measure the inner length between the two balls (or jewels) in a straight line. The measurement is done the same way with a straight barbell.

Note that you don't include the screw thread when measuring the barbell length

eyebrow-piercing-measuring-size-guide     barbell-measurement-eyebrow-gold-piercing


Alternatively, if you measure the length between both holes of your piercing, this will indicate you the approximate size of piercing you should choose for your eyebrow piercing:





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