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Nose piercing : how to measure and find the right size for your piercing?


Here is a sizing guide to better understand the proper body jewelry gauge sizes and measurements.

NOTE : This piercing sizing chart is a general suggestion based on our experience and knowledge in body piercing, though it is important to note that piercing jewel length or piercing type options can vary depending on your morphology or the way your piercing has been done.


1 - General informations

2 - What size is a nose piercing?

3 - How to choose your nose piercing jewel?



General informations


Nose piercing offer different options of jewels to wear, the most common types are :

Nose stud

It is the most common jewel for nose piercing, made of a right angle barbell in « L » or a « U » shape barbell. (diamond nose piercing, flower gold nose piercing, emerald and gold nose piercing...)


The « U » barbell for nose piercing tend to be the most appropriate and common for the nose. It can be a bit difficult to put on, but once it's done, the « U » stud is steady and the piercing won't fall out.

The « L » shape piercing (right angle) is perfect for someone who like to take off his nose piercing easily and change it often.

nose-stud-l-shape-right-angle     nose-stud-piercing-u-shape-ezor

                          "L" shape nose stud                                                                "U" shape nose stud 



nose-piercing-white-gold-snake-18-carats     nose-stud-yellow-gold-diamond


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Nose ring

Nose ring is very trendy for nose piercing. Though we recommand you to wait a complete heal (around 6 months) before wearing this type of jewel.

 yellow-gold-nose-ring-nostril     white-gold-strass-ring-nose-luxury

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What size is a nose piercing?


0,8mm(20gauge) is the standard and most common nose piercing gauge size.

Some people sometimes wear nose piercing with a thicker gauge (1,2mm/16gauge) but it is less common.


How to choose your nose piercing jewel?


Since nose piercing barbell length is standard (0,8mm/20gauge), you don't have to worry about various barbell lengths. The choice of your piercing jewel will be more about the size of the jewel and the final render you want to have with your nose piercing.

For nose stud, a jewel of a size between 1,5mm(15gauge) and 2,5mm(10gauge) will be a small shiny jewel on the nose when nose jewels above 3mm(9gauge) will look more opulent (gold snake nose piercing, infinite gold nose piercing for example)

For nose rings, it is important to have one at the right size. You can simply measure the intern diamater on a nose ring you already have to find the size you need to get :

 nose-ring-sizing-guide-measurement     nose-ring-sizing-guide-measurement-piercing


Alternatively, to know the ring size you need, you can measure the length from the hole of your piercing to the edge of the nostril (see below). This measure will give you approximatively the right size for your nose piercing.



For example: if the length between the hole of your piercing and the edge of your nostril is 6mm(1/4inch), you will have to choose a nose ring with a diameter of 6mm(1/4inch).

Note that if you hesitate between 2 sizes, 6mm(1/4inch) and 7mm(0,275in) for example, it is appropriate to take the lower diameter, so take a 6mm(1/4inch).


If you still have a doubt about the nose ring or piercing you should get for your nose, we recommand you to ask a professionnal piercer or do not hesitate to contact us.


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