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Sale of gold piercings

We specialize in the sale online of full 18 carat white or yellow gold piercing jewellery.

Our jewellery is made of 18 carats gold.

Hollow jewellery is made with less gold and is therefore cheaper, but more fragile and less prestigious. It is lighter than a full-gold piercing. Some of our jewellery is labelled or inserted with zirconium oxide or precious stones such as diamond(s). These too are lighter than a full-gold piercing. Oxide zirconium can be replaced upon request by precious stones.

18 carat gold piercing

The weight of the gold is measured in carats, 1 carat=0,2 grams.

The composition of the gold is as follows :

  • 18 carat gold = 75% pure gold,
  • 14 carat gold = 58,5% pure gold,
  • 9 carat gold = 35% pure gold.

This percentage dictates the difference in pricing of carat quantities.

EZOR only sells 18 carat gold.

In order to obtain a solid piece of gold jewellery, the gold must be combined with other metals.

Variation in alliage will determine the colour of the gold.

  • Yellow gold will be 75% GOLD, 12,5% silver and 12,5% copper,
  • Pink gold will be 75% GOLD, 20% copper and 5% silver,
  • White gold will be 75% GOLD, 25% silver or Palladium,
  • ...

Diamond piercings

The weight of the diamond is measured in carat, 1 carat = 0,2 grams.

Two diamonds identical in weight may have differences for example the stone diameter.

Nevertheless it is established that depending on the number of carats a stone will have more or less the following diameter :

  • Diamond 0,05 carat = 2,5 mm (approximately) diameter,
  • Diamond 0,03 carat = 2 mm (approximately) diameter,
  • Diamant 0,02 carat = 1,5mm(environ) diamètre,
  • ...